Zone 3 2016 XtremeGIS Data Layer and GWO Report Bundle

Zone 3 2016 XtremeGIS Data Layer and GWO Report Bundle
Zone 3 2016 XtremeGIS Data Layer and GWO Report Bundle
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The XtremeGIS 2016 Zone US Hurricane Forecast Data Layer is a spatial database of GWO Climate Zone 3 and includes the Tropical Cyclone detailed probability forecast for Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina.  It contain the administrative boundaries for the US States and counties, four years of hurricane forecasts for GWO Climate Zone 3, US counties, residential and commercial property and population demographics. It is available as a web map service (WMS) or as an Esri Shapefile through an annual subscription from the XtremeGIS TC for ArcGIS Online platform

GWO 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Predictions Report Zone 3:

The report includes the Tropical Cyclone Probability predictions for Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina.  It also contains the Tropical Cyclone Risk Probability Predictions for the Atlantic and Gulf Coast of the United States of America for 2016 and 2017, a review of the 2015 Hurricane Season, Major Hurricane Landfall Risk Predictions for 2016-2019, 2016-2017 Hurricane Season Predictions, and Hotspot Predictions for 2016 and 2017.

Many uses of the data layer and report include insurance risk mitigation, insurance marketing and expansion planning, supply chain risk and demand surge logistics planning, emergency management planning and probablistic model validation.

Preview the GWO 2016 Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Predictions Report

The forecast methodology is developed by Global Weather Oscilliations, Inc (GWO) and authored by David A. Dilley and David B. Spiegler.  The GIS data and spatial geometry are designed and developed by XtremeGIS a Wall Street Network company.

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